Terms & Conditions

Virgo Group appreciates one's trust in us to share personal details and other information with us.

Herein, we would like to mention that we use data carefully and sensibly to not share with anyone else other than for use by us and our sister concerns for providing better services to all, our clients, vendors, associates, patrons and others who visit us.

We gather information to let one avail our services in complete length and breadth along with our products, promotions, pricing and all other aspects we consider matters without which to serve better will not be just infeasible rather impossible unless we know our acquaintances, their life-style, friends, customers, vendors and others whom they dealt. In other words, we require to know in and out of people visiting us or contacting us via any media.

In case of any further information or assistance regarding our policy, one could please contact us at our head office.

By visiting us, we assume one to be accepting and consenting our privacy policy.

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