HPL Sheets

High Pressure Laminate or HPL Sheet

High Pressure Laminate or HPL sheets are resin and paper-based composite material which serves millions of purpose in our lives. They are modern, strong, and resistant and beautifully designed to serve millions of functions. HPL sheets are utilized everywhere in the world due to its versatile nature and durability.

HPL Sheet Consist of Four Layers

Overlay- The outer overlay is transparent melamine for additional protection and stain-resistant layer.

Décor- The second layer is the décor layer where the actual appearance or beauty lies of the wall. It could be simply colored or could be available in many textures, colors, and designs.

Fiberboard Core - This core is the hard maintenance layer which provides superior stability.

Bottom Layer - The bottom layer is melamine impregnated paper which is accountable for structural solidity and moisture resistance.

Where is HPL Sheet Used?

HPL sheets are omnipresent.

Various Places

  • Industries
  • Hospitals and Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Schools
  • Toilet Cubicles
  • Commercial Building
  • Shops
  • Public Buildings
  • Public Bathrooms

Interior Usage

  • Ceilings
  • Cubicles
  • Display
  • Exterior Balcony
  • Work Tops
  • Tables
  • Furniture’s
  • Doors
  • Window sills
  • Façade
  • Stairs
  • Flooring

What are the Advantages of HPL sheet?

A diverse set of Colors and design- It’s not a shocker that HPL sheets are known for their vibrant design and beautiful textures so it makes your surrounding lively and beautiful to look at. It will automatically set your mood with its bright and chic graphic.

Highly Durable- HPL sheets stay with your house for a longer time without the loss of its effectiveness in coloring and appearance.

Different Grades Available- There are various types of grades specifically engineered for the requirement of the customers.

  • Standard HPL Sheets
  • Fire Resistant HPL sheets
  • Compact HPL sheets
  • Post forming HPL sheets

Fire Resistance- HPL sheets are fire resistant as they are very difficult to ignite and burn your place down. So you wouldn’t have to worry about your house with fire as completely secure it.

Scratch and Stain Free - Due to its melamine overlay, it is free from small or bigger scratches or stains caused by your children or by accidents.

Health Benefits - Since HPL sheets are used almost everywhere so you must be worried about its health risks. HPL sheets are completely risk-free as they do not contain harmful chemical composition, hygienic and harmless to your child and family.

Easy Maintenance - HPL sheets are easy to maintain as they don’t really need a lot of cleaning. Just once a week cleaning with a wet cloth or any other preferable material. Though if they are hardly rubbed on the surface it can cause some damage on the surface so just a gentle cleaning is favored.

Chemically Resistant - HPL sheets are highly resistant to the various chemical as it doesn’t alter its appearance and solidity even after they are exposed for a longer time.

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